Friday, December 12, 2008

It should have had been the first post ..

Although highly irregular, this Blog came into existence way back on 21st of June, 2008. It has been 6 long months since then, and I thought an introduction to it and why I chose to call it what I call it was necessary. And hence here is the article which should ideally have been the first article to be posted here. But then, you never heard anyone saying that things need to happen in a fixed order, did you?


I am neither (completely) here nor (completely) there.

While I am a Bihari present physically (for the time being at least) in Maharashtra, I am also present back home in Bihar, at least mentally.

While I write this blog on a computer (and am increasing growing uncomfortable at writing with my pen on a piece of paper), I still read newspapers and story books and novels in the paper edition (and am really uncomfortable at reading these on the electronic version). So, while I belong to a great extent to the 21st century, I cannot let go of the things that date a couple of centuries back.

While I am educated in India, given a chance (and a good standard of living) I would love moving back to Bharat and use my Indian education for Her betterment.

So, I do not exist at one single location or in one single time frame at any given time. I am always partly here and partly there. I am omnipresent.

For this situation, we have a saying in Hindi – Dhobi ka kutta na ghar ka na ghat ka – meaning a washer man’s dog belongs neither to the banks (of a river or any other water body, where 21st century India still washes a great majority of Her clothes) nor to the (washer man’s) house. My situation being very much like this, I become a dog, a washer man’s dog. And since, I still get to retain my thinking faculties; I call this blog - ‘Blog: Of a Thinking Dog.’


Having said that, I must admit that I am not a writer or anything of that sort. Neither all my views here may be correct (as per you) always, but then this is how I think and what I think. So, I hope that despite all our disagreements, you will read this space and keep coming back. So ..

Welcome. To the Blog: Of a Thinking Dog.

Welcome. To my Blog.

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