Saturday, March 27, 2010

Sharing of resources can be real fun.

Clicked these photographs a few days back early in the morning at Powai Lake. These two standard 3 kids - one is Govind, the name of the other one I forgot - were sharing  a swing in the small park at the side of the lake. And they were laughing their hearts out. They seemed to convey the message - Sharing of resources can be real fun

Sad, nobody around seemed to understand.

Sadder still, by the time they grow up and are already fed the idea of "good living standards" a million times over, they would themselves have forgotten the simple message they delivered to the world unknowingly that morning. 

The question to be asked is - Can't we start putting concern for the planet at a higher pedestal than our immediate comfort? Is it really too hard to go, for example, car-pooling?  Is it really too hard to start sharing the resources that we have?

I remember ours was one of the first homes in my paternal place Mahnar to have purchased a television set. Those were the days of Ramanand Sagar's Ramayan and a whole lot of village folks gathered every Sunday in our home to watch the magic of Lord Ram unfold on the small screen. With so many people watching, there used to be chaos all around. But still, it was great to watch Ramayan that way. 

Years have passed.

Today I watch movies on my personal laptop; mostly alone. The level of comfort has certainly gone up. But somehow, watching movies alone does not give the same happiness as watching Ramayan with 30 odd people on that small television set gave.

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