Sunday, April 18, 2010

Show me my path, O Swami.

At a time when there is no sun,
And life seems to be all rain;
I pray to you, O Swami,
Come -
Show me the right path once again.

Life has been confusing
For eight long years now;
I hope sincerely -
You will come;
And with your blessings
Me bestow.

Sometimes I feel like running away
From all my present and all my past.
Go into a Journey to the Unknown
And in spite of all the adversities -

Attract me immensely the Two,
Who went all the way to Tibet from Germany.
And witnessed the fall of the humble-most people,
In the onslaught of the Chinese tyranny.

No, try I as much as I may,
I am unable to recollect their name(s),
But didn't you say that for me,
(The inheritor of the longest surviving civilization on Earth),
The name doesn't matter,
Neither does fame?

On the Roof Top of the World,
For seven long years they stayed;
Saddened at the pains of the locals,
They cried with them,
When tears they shed.

I want to travel all the way to Dharamshala,
And meet His Holiness
The Great Dalai Lama.

Carries he still a smile so genuine,
Despite knowing that his motherland is
Going not to be free
By whatsoever mean(s).
I wonder what makes him
Keep himself so serene.

Then there was this man Rahul Sankrityayan,
Whom I have been reading of late.
Ran away from his home he did
In the search of real wisdom
And in the company of Sadhus,
Turned himself into a scholar great.

There have always been journeys to make
And there have been people who know
Exactly what they need to do.
Be he Gandhi, Hitler, Laden
Or be he You.

I am ready to walk my path,
Only the direction remains elusive,
Which I cannot see.
Surrender so I myself to you, O Swami,
Come and show me my path Thee.


Pallavi Sinha said...

Ur thoughts voice concerns of our generation...Didn't know that this sleepy guy was so conscious within his mind...

Keep posting...

Abhishek Neel said...

Thanks Pallavi .. But its that people who are sleepy generally just have their minds in some different level altogether .. it is not that they are actually sleeping .. ;-)